Jersey Girl

I’m idealistic, awesome, and hysterical. You’re welcome!

I love education, math, peace & happiness.  I legitimately use all of them.  Every day.  Mostly math, though.

I’m, like, really funny.  Seriously.  Egocentric, too, I guess.  Look at all these “I”s I have goin’ on here.

Obsessed with the following (please know I’m similar to a child, looking around my room to find things I like): Diet Dr. Pepper – don’t even hate on that being numero uno, HT & the amazing friends she has brought me!! Starting with Kate and exponentially growing to Em, and all of their friends who obviously are all the s-bomb, my NEW iPhone, Kurt Vonnegut and the way I feel when I read his writing – even as someone who admittedly had/has issues with reading comprehension, drug & gang culture, hippies, pretty much any counter-culture, super quotable movies (read: Mean Girls and Stepbrothers), empowering girls & underprivileged youth, obnoxious footwear -  because size 11 doesn’t scream loud enough, right?

When my room is in a more clean photogenic state, I’ll post some of my inspirations & pretty things I have (…purchased.  not created.  sorry.  working on it?).


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