25 Sittin’ on 25 Mill?

Pinterest.  Amiright?!  Going on Pinterest makes me feel like I can clean everything, cook anything, and be the most creative teacher who has ever taught.  One look at my boards will make it appear that way.  Which means it’s true.  Right now, though, what is resonating most in my life was this “your ecards” by someecards that I saw lately.

Remember being in elementary school and being like “I want to be an astronaut!”?  No?  Just me?  That’s fine.  My anxiety and fear of dying in space has killed that dream.  In sixth grade, my ELA teacher had us write an autobiography and then hide it, in order to read about your sixth-grade-self years later.  I found mine recently, and boy am I off track.  I thought I’d be living in Colorado, teaching math (dingding!), and driving a big Dodge truck.  *coughRam3500cumminsturbodieselcoughidontwannatalkaboutitcough*
I don’t know that I ever put thought into, you know, like not living with my mom and dad anymore.  I just knew I would graduate high school, go away to college, graduate, and get a teaching job.  Apparently I’m a little full of myself, not thinking that maybe I’d ever get arrested or kicked out of college or not start my career right away, if ever.  But it’s cool.  I did it anyway.  Flawless!  

Then!  All of a sudden, I’m a few years into my teaching career – the only grown up thing I’m good at.  I don’t have a mortgage.  I don’t ALWAYS pay ALL my bills on time.  I live with my friends.  I stay up late, and sometimes I wake up late too.  I wouldn’t buy a skirt without asking my friends first if it looks good on me.

I take a good look at my good looking friends (iseewhatchadidthere) and some of them are engaged, planning weddings, and having babies!  All these exciting, amazing, grown up things are happening while I’m lounging around watching Netflix and writing this.  Going on Pinterest and Facebook is a constant reminder that I don’t have my shit together by the time I am the age I am now.  But?  I’m living the dream.  I’m happy.

Kate & Me! BFFs on Easter!  Thanks, Instagram!

So, here I am.  The awkward year between “23 with a money tree” and “25 sittin’ on 25 mill.”  Maybe Drake didn’t have his shit together at 24 either.

♥ Cait

8 thoughts on “25 Sittin’ on 25 Mill?

  1. I hear ya! I just hit my 29th birthday a little over a week ago and I had to sit back, think (in my stupor from a 3 day binge in Charlotte), and realize “hell, I am nowhere CLOSE, but I’m managing”. As a society, we seem to place too much emphasis on “Status=Happiness”. Everyone is getting married, having children, getting sweet jobs that make twice as much a year than I do… on the surface, it SEEMS like that those people are going to be happier than I. But I like to think I’m right on par. Basically, keep doing as you do and just enjoy the life you lead, not the one emphasized by others around you and take solace in the fact that you’re enjoying yourself and are actually doing something you enjoy and feel is worth while. Now, time for me to pay my past due phone bill. HOLLA BALLAAAA.

  2. Here here. You are not alone. Although I’m one of those “happily married” people, unlike you I have none of my stuff together regarding my career and etc. I work at Old Navy as a full time Grad student. I dream of teaching art yet can’t pass the damn math praxis (wish you could tutor me) and stall applying to teaching jobs because I second guess myself and would rather wait until I’m finished school. So no worries, we all lack and make up for it where we can. And who really cares in the end? Be happy. We all know you’re awesome.

  3. I’ve totally got my job shit, married shit, mortgage shit, and baby shit together. And I love it all.

    HOWEVER. Eating meals & peeing are extremely difficult, Something always needs fixed in our house, My husband loves Speedway hotdogs & Playstation, we leave places by 8pm, I haven’t been drunk since June 2011 in Vegas, and I miss my friends like crazy.

    You just keep loving that beautiful life of yours….. I think your shit is perfect!! :)

    • I am obsessed with you(r shit)!! JCooSmith you’re the best! I love you & can’t wait to be real life friends too! That means you, ChayBay & Nile – duh!! I’m ready to be drunk when you areeee!! :)

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