My Gift is My Song

And this one?  It’s for you.  I hope you don’t mind that my song is ALL of them from Pink Friday.  She’s like a miniature Buddha… covered in hair.  Big, awesome, bright hair.  Favorite so far?  “Girls Fall Like Dominoes” – I’m a sucker for a good simile.  Did It On’em is tight, though.  I dunno…

My real gift, though?  Looking awesome for theme parties with minimal effort.  Last weekend, I was a victim at a murder mystery.  I know: tragic.  The look?  Took all of 10 minutes.  Good or bad photograph is neither here nor there.

Foreheadband for the win!Ensemble consisted of:

~ Black Dress (a staple)
~ Black Cardigan (obv.)
~ Gold Dangly Necklace (courtesy of a student last year!)
~ Foreheadband (thanks to Kate & Heather!)
~ Patterned Tights (not pictured… but legit.)
~ Plenty of 20’s swag

This weekend, I went to an 80’s theme party for a friend’s birthday at a local downtown establishment.  Weird that I was born in the 80’s and there are parties for things other than my birth relative to the decade.  Not pleased, I went regardless.  I just want to party!  Am I right?!  There was a bitchin’ cover band, totally tubular outfits, and killer dance moves.  [Legit lingo, yeah?  I did my research.  NBD.] Getting complimented by total strangers about how ridiculous awesome I looked was pretty ill.  I wasn’t mad.

Peep the Pony.Fine.  I may have made this an excuse to be “take a picture with strangers” night.  Whatever.  I’m not worried about it.  This dude’s shirt said “Be true to your shoes.”  I like the photo better though.  Sick chain.  It’s cool, though, because everyone got in the 80’s mood.  For example…

True Love!Denim vest AND headband.  Spare no expense!  With jeans, too, duh.

I Wish You Could See My Scrunchee!
Purple.  Acid.  Wash.Ensemble consisted of: 
~ Neon green tee (cut-off)
~ Black tee (cotton fibers are a MESS)
~ Pink & blue sports bras (exposed, a la ONJ)
~ Purple.  Acid.  Wash.  Jeggins.  (I hate K-Mart so much.)
~ White scrunchy socks (obv worn over my jeans)
~ Faux Keds (Payless, last summer.  Be jealous.)
~ Neon peace sign earrings (Yep, I sure do still buy earrings from Claire’s, thanks for asking!)
~ Bright headband (times two – plus one given away)
~ Not one,  not two, but THREE SCRUCHEES! 

  1. For my side pony
  2. To pull my black over shirt to the side and secure
  3. Adorning my wrist

Which brings me to my concluding, BOLD statement…

Scrunchees are GOING to make a comeback. 

I don’t care when; I care not how.  Honestly, my 6th grade self was way smarter than my current self.  I used the same scrunchee to secure my up-do after I chugged a bottle of water before going to bed last night.  Wake up this afternoon morning and BAM!  Still in the same place!  Tell me that happens with you and your lame hair tie and I’ll call you a liar.  I whip my hair back and forth, try as I might, to no avail.  It won’t whip.  SCRUNCHEES?!  You’re okay by me!  My social experiment will be to bring them back.  However, geographically speaking, this is not a big to-do in my location.  These hair accessories were readily available and are quickly spotted on the peoples indigenous to the South Central, PA region.  The TRUE test will be when I head back to Jersey, scrunchees in tote.  I’ll keep you posted if you keep your judgments to yourself.  Nah, it’s cool.  I can handle them.  I built a pro-scrunchee platform.  Try me.ScruncheeSo, what’s your beef with scrunchees?  Come at me. 

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